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Life is too short not to listen to your dreams.  In April of 2008 we decided to follow ours....... 

As a young boy, Ron was raised on a dairy farm in Minnesota, the same farm we later owned and farmed for 10 years before returning to New Hampshire and family here.  Our children have been raised with an affection for farming as well and along with us have fallen in love with the Alpaca.  We presently have a small herd which seems to have grown by leaps & bounds in less than a year.   We are so impressed by the Alpaca's kind, gentle nature, beauty and therapeutic gifts.  Our "grandchildren" delight in mingling with them whenever they can, as you can view on our photo page.

Each evening at dusk as we watch them at play we realize dreams come true and we're enjoying ours!

                                                                                                                                    Ron & Brenda
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